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"Monterey Senior Care is proud to provide in-home care services for the elderly"

Thank you for your interest in Monterey Senior Care. Please call 831.970.9870

About us

Monterey Senior Care,  provide caregivers with many years of experience

for the past 20 years has provided services for many families who are facing challenges of aging. We have a team of professionals who are dedicated, committed and love caring for the elderly who wish to remain independent in their own home. Our caregivers are carefully selected, they undergo a thoroughly screening process, and they’re bonded andinsured. All of our services are non-medical.

Our Services

Care for elderly residents

Monterey Senior Care iprovide services for the elderly residents in the privacy of their own home.   We will manage all their activities of daily living so you’re free to enjoy quality time with your loved one.  Our caregivers are carefully selected to provide the best quality care your loved one needs in the privacy of their home. All services are non-medical


Customers Testimonials

I am delighted to tell you how pleased I was with the care and support, Monterey Senior Care provided my father 82 with dementia. They assisted him through the day. They made sure my day ate his meal, reminded him to take his pills and took him to all his doctor’s appointments. Your staff was very friendly, and professional. I would recommend Monterey Senior Care to everyone. 
Karen Wright, Salinas Ca.